Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist in Manila, Philippines | JMI Therapeutic Wellness Community Clinic

JANNE IRLANDES, LMT, CAAc                                                                             

Healthcare can be overpriced and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. I strive to be fair and transparent in my pricing. 

Quality is not's priceless! Investing in wellness is an investment in your health. As you know when your health is down everything else suffers as well. 

Pricing as of March 5, 2020

SPECIAL OFFER: (Identification Cards required)
20% off for Current Government Employees (Policemen, Soldiers, etc)
20% off for Clergies (religious officials, priests, pastors, bishops, nuns etc.)
20% off for Elderly (60 Years old ++) 
20% off for Person With Disability (PWD) 
20% off for Student (below 18 years old)
60% off for Barangay 874 and 881 Residents (Cert. of Residency needed)

Body Acupuncture (30mins) PHP750
Facial Acupuncture (45mins) PHP1,500
Ear Seeds/ Acupuncture (20mins) PHP500
Acupressure Dry Massage (60min) PHP750
Acupressure Dry Massage (120min) PHP1,500
Chinese Foot Reflexology (20min) PHP250
Chinese Foot Reflexology (40min) PHP500
Chinese Foot Reflexology (60min) PHP 750
Cupping Therapy  (10min) PHP100
Gua Sha  Therapy  (10min) PHP100
Moxibustion/ Moxa Therapy (10min) PHP100

*Home/ Office / Hotel Visit Session is Regular Service Rate x 2 (within Metro Manila Only). 

*If Outside Metro Manila, Regular Service Rate x 3 + 2way transportation.


Therapeutic/ Deep Tissue Oil Massage

30 Minute PHP250

45 Minute PHP375

60 Minute PHP500
90 Minute PHP750
120 Minute PHP1,000

*Home/ Office / Hotel Visit Session  = Regular Service Rate x 2 (within Metro Manila Only).