JMI Therapeutic Wellness Services | Acupuncture and Massage Therapy Manila

Committed treating your stress, pain and injury.


JMI Therapeutic Wellness Services
2nd Floor, #2474 Bulacan Street corner Cagayan Street

Barangay 874, Santa Ana, Manila 1009 Philippines


* On-Street Parking

*The color of the building is Green.

*The entrance gate is at the side of Bulacan Street 
(you will see Veranda on the 2nd floor).
*The building is not accessible for people with disabilities. 

*Kindly call or text me at 0998 539 9224 if you are already outside the building.

* Curfew time is 8:00 PM or 20:00 PM

Directions (How to get to my place)

In this time of Emergency Community Quarantine, the simplest way is: 
1. From Syquia Street enter Medel Street (towards Del Pan), but
2. Turn right at Zamora Street (towards Tejeron) , then
3. Turn left at Cagayan Street (towards Kasilawan or Del Pan) , then 
4. Lastly turn left at corner of Bulacan Street.