JMI Therapeutic Wellness Services | Acupuncture and Massage Therapy Manila

Committed treating your stress, pain and injury.

Body Scrub Massage for Men and Women Makati

Dedicated to delivering exemplary service, I will provide the most personalized care, visibly healthy results and energy to both skin and body.

Exfoliating Full Body Scrub (30 Minutes)  PHP250

Body Scrub Only

Our body scrub will promote and improve blood circulation naturally, stimulate the lymph system, and cleanse your skin as never before. Your entire body will look brighter and feel silky at the end of this thorough-cleansing ritual.

Face and Body Scrub 45 Minutes  PHP450

This is to pamper yourself through its natural slimming, facial and spa treatments. The services offered here include organic facials to help you relax, moisturise, purify your faces and also body slimming and toning treatments. 

Body Recharge 90 Minutes  PHP750

Full Body Scrub 30mins with Swedish Massage 1HR

A great way to get re-energised and keep your skin smooth, clean and soft. First, an invigorating scrub down with our Sea Salt Body Scrub gets your circulatory system really moving, then our 1 hour Full Body Swedish Massage will stimulate your skin, relax your muscles, clear your head and get you ready for action!

Jet-Lag Recovery Massage 120 Minutes  PHP1,000

Allover Body Scrub 30mins + Reflexology 30mins + Swedish Massage 1HR

This is the perfect treatment to overcome jet lag and to relieve stiffness, aches and pains. To reduce jet-lag and fatigue I begin with an allover body scrub with an antioxidant Organic salt scrub, followed by a gentle and soothing massage bringing together elements of Swedish massage and with the stimulation of reflex points on the scalp and the feet with a blend of signature oils to increase circulation and reduce swelling, bringing complete serenity to your body and mind. Highly recommended after a long flight.