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Acupuncture for Panic Disorder Reduce Anxiety Symptoms with Acupuncture

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What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a healing technique that originated thousands of years ago from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This practice is based on the concept that medical conditions and mental health disorders are caused by an imbalance in energy. TCM theorizes that the body contains vital life energy called chi. When the body and mind are functioning properly, chi should flow through the body’s energy channels. These channels are called meridians and are located at certain points throughout the body. According to this tradition, sometimes chi becomes congested in different meridian pathways, leading to disease or disorders.

The goal of acupuncture is to restore the health and balance of these channels. During acupuncture treatment sessions, small needles are placed along specific areas of the body. Known as acupuncture points, these areas are thought to be where blockage of energy may be occurring. The needles come in a variety of thickness and length and are used to stimulate and open up blocked channels of energy.

Acupuncture for Stress

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Acupuncture is proven to reduce stress and even reverse the effects of stress. Research shows that acupuncture stimulates the release of oxytocin, a hormone that signals and regulates the parasympathetic nervous system. Acupuncture also addresses the effects of stress, like high blood pressure, elevated blood glucose levels, and insomnia.


Acupuncture immediately slingshot you out of fight-or-flight mode and into the parasympathetic rest-and-relax mode. It sends a signal to your brain that you are safe and it can relax. This in turn allows your body to heal from stress, pain, and inflammation.


Acupuncture is used both as a preventative and curative medicine and is just one modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This means that when you work with a Registered Acupuncturist they may also incorporate cupping, guasha, moxibustion and offer lifestyle and nutritional counselling.


A good acupuncturist will treat you, not your symptoms. So not only will your stress improve, but all aspects of your life such as sleep, digestion, pain, and energy.

Regardless of your lifestyle or career, finding the appropriate stress treatment and management strategy is critical to maintaining a healthy you and a higher quality of life. Acupuncture is a great tool to combat the stress in your life!